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How Long Is The Show?

The show is approximately 90-minutes and includes a 15 minute intermission.

We Saw The Show Last Year and Loved it! Will The Show Be Different This Year?

You Betcha! You can count on a brand new experience every year!

What Is The Drink-Ory Garden?

The Drink-Ory Garden is a garden where you can drink, eh, get it?  Anyways, The Drink-Ory Garden Opens one hour prior to show time and will be serving drinks, beer, wine, spirits, food, snacks and a whole lot of fun! So Come early to relish in this festive atmosphere!

Is The Show Inside Of A Tent?

Well, Mr. Swindle likes to call it "The Peculiarium." It is best described as an intimate traveling theater that provides a close proximity to world-class performers. It is also referred to as "The Boutique Big Top" or "The ODD-itorium" but, from a technical stand point, the word "tent" will suit just fine. So, to answer your question, yes, it is inside of a tent.

Is It True That Mr. Swindle is Actually a Generous Man?

Yes, That is True! Mr. Swindle donates a portion of the proceeds to local charitable organizations.  A Swindler or a Robin Hood?  You decide.

Are The Seats Cushioned?

Mr. Swindle went to great expense to provide comfortable seating for all his guests and to please the posterior! Yes, all seating is cushioned. The seats in the last row, known as the "spacious" seats come with with extra elbow room and legroom.

Can I Bring My Children?

It is not recommended. The show is filled with absurd comedy, acrobats, sophisticated humor, double entendres, suggestive & unusual visuals and heavy references to drinking.  The show is designed for grown-ups.

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